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Thank you to everyone who has given me these petz. I'm constantly adding new pictures of each pet so if you're ever wondering how things are going, just check back later. :)
Abbadon Achyls Albert Angel Asyisi Ayo Begton Benny Bred Dogz Chester Cookie Corn DW Damien Davy Diego Dip Draco Dragon Dusk Dusty Ed Enrick Ez Floof Franklin Fudge Gerald Gloom Green Harrison Jesse King Kingsley Kodkod Labyrinth Lady Legion Leodon Leonard Louie Mail Maki Midnight Noche Otter Penguin Peter Petey Phillip Puff Rako Rano Reaper Rexie Rolo Roofio Sago Scar Scooby Doom Sir Cardigan Snickers Solstice Sonto Stardust Stino Tawny Tiargra Tyrn Usiku Vilma Vodka Yudi